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Direct Link and Landing Page

Allows you to direct link and rotate through multiple offers by adjusting a share% for each offer. Or add landing pages to the mix, and rotate through multiple landing pages as well. 

You can also split the traffic between direct link and landing pages to easily determine the best performing option using only one Campaign.

Multiple Option

Use review style or catalog pages with more than 1 call to action or offer on the page…
tracking all data for each offer and target, while split testing multiple landing pages.

You can also rotate through multiple offers for each option!

Multiple Path

CPV Lab allows you to setup multiple paths in 1 campaign giving you the ability to run branded or themed landing pages to multiple offers and rotate through each path to determine the highest performing path.

Also, identifying the targets and landing pages in each path generating the most revenue.  It’s like running multiple campaigns…from one campaign, and is also great for testing using Run of Network traffic.

Lead Capture

This campaign type gives you the ability to split test multiple opt-in pages using only 1 autoresponder form. Plus, shows you subscribers, opt-in rate and cost per subscriber for each target…all in real-time!

Both the Landing Page Sequence and Lead Capture Campaigns allow you to continue tracking after the Opt-In from your Thank You Page and Beyond.

CPV Lab gives you the option to send subscribers directly to an offer or to a landing page and then an offer...tracking conversions every step of the way.

Landing Page Sequence

Use deeper visitor sequences…instead of the “traditional” direct link or simple landing page.  CPV Lab allows you to create multi-page visitor sequences…
with multiple actions such as an opt-in and multiple offer conversions. 
This campaign type basically gives you the ability to test and put together any type of visitor sequence that you can imagine, giving you the edge to step away from the herd and create your own conversion models…with detailed stats every step of the way.

Email Follow-Up

You can fully track your email follow-ups as well. Yes...the actual emails you are sending out to your list, and the standard features apply...rotate through multiple landing pages or offers from your emails.

This gives you the ability to easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts...you can even assign each Follow-Up campaign to the Campaign that generated the subscriber list. CPV Lab will then add any revenue generated to the campaign that generated the subscriber list so you can easily determine the long term profitability of your list building efforts.
Server Requirements...
(All Standard with Most Hosting Providers)

Full Version of CPV Lab with 1 License
You can Install 1 instance of CPV Lab, however your landing pages and offers do not need to be on the same domain or server.

CPV Lab Alerts Application

User Guide and Videos

Solid, Responsive Customer Support

1 Year of Updates & Upgrades
Linux Server - VPS or Dedicated Recommended
GoDaddy & HostGator NOT Recommended

PHP version 5.3 or above

MySQL version 5.1 or above

Minimum 100 MB of disk space

IonCube Loaders 4.4 or above installed

CPV Lab Alerts is a Desktop Application for Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. Mac Users: Adobe Air Version coming soon.
What Do You Get?
30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Try CPV Lab for a Full 30 Days...you have nothing to risk.
If for any reason you feel CPV Lab, hasn t helped your Marketing or just isn t for you...

Let me know and You ll be given a 100% refund. But, once you try it...you won't want to go back to life without it!
Campaign Types Available in CPV Lab...
CPV Lab is a web based, self-hosted platform you run on your own Server...keeping your data private and only accessible by you!
You don't need to be a Coder or PHP Developer to take full advantage of the abilities CPV Lab offers.  Straight forward and simple.
Easy to Use
You can change and edit your landing pages and offers being rotated through a simple interface.  No complex coding to deal with.
Simple Rotation
Save Time & Budgets
Customizable Optimization Filters and Alerts to quickly identify under-performing targets, landing pages and offers. 
Accurate Stats & Metrics
All in one place…you have usable data to make the right decisions at the right time to increase your ROI.
Along with Time & Day Trends!
Unlimited Flexibility
CPV Lab completely removes the restrictions most tracking platforms have, giving you the ability to run 6 different types of campaigns.
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100% Secure Checkout
Quick & Easy Download...Access Your Purchase within Minutes!
After the 1st year, continued updates are optional for $147 Per Year.

Additional Licenses are
available at a discount.
"Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level
with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility &
Ease, While Saving Time & Ad Budgets...
Only $297