Campaign setup is a breeze, and modifying a campaign once its live is even easier. The stats it provides are very thorough so you can make better decisions on what to optimize.

If you're not satisfied then you're doing it wrong. Several months and millions of pops later, I don't think I could live without it.


CPV Lab is by far the fastest and most robust tracking platform for ppv campaigns. Split testing and campaign management is ridiculously simple with CPV Lab and

has allowed me to test ideas I otherwise would have neglected or simply failed to test with other tracking platforms.

Ryan Hurry

Affiliate Manager - Convert2Media


Instant Access & Easy Setup

CPV Lab has been the answer to a longtime search for the ultimate tracking solution for CPV traffic. Every CPV Lab user I work with in the PPV Playbook forum absolutely loves it, and I've seen it change the way people run campaigns. I always recommend it to affiliates who are serious about running CPV traffic.

David Ford

CPV Lab made it faster and easier to quickly test and optimize a huge variety of campaign types. I spend less time analyzing data and more time testing new offers.

Chris Powell


After having tested almost every possible tracking solution out there, I am glad I've found CPV Lab. Without doubt, I can say this is the tool you need to have in order to collect, read and analyze data. CPV Lab will make you money. On top of this, reliable, fast support. Worth every single penny.

Volker Hartzsch

Track all your marketing down to individual kw’s, and every single path your visitors take, you can also adjust things on the fly without having a webmaster constantly changing codes and pages. It works for cpv, ads, cpc, facebook - just about anything you can think of. And the best thing of all is the support!

Richard Odessey PHD or



Instant Access & Easy Setup