Direct Link & Landing Page

Easily Rotate Unlimited Landing Pages & Offers, Direct Link and Rotate through Multiple Offers by adjusting a Share% for each offer. Or Add Landing Pages to the Mix and Rotate through Multiple Landing Pages as well. You can also split the traffic between Direct Linking to the Offer and Landing Pages to easily determine the best performing approach from 1 campaign.

Landing Page Sequence

Use Deep Visitor Sequences instead of "traditional" Direct Links or Simple Landing Pages. CPV Lab allows you to create Advanced Funnels, Lead Paths and Multi-Page Visitor Sequences with Lead Capture and Multiple Offers.

Lead Capture

This Campaign type gives you the ability to Split Test Multiple Opt-in Pages using only 1 autoresponder form. Plus shows you Subscribers, Opt-In Rates and Cost Per Subscriber by Keyword and Landing Page in Real-Time.

Both the Landing page Sequence and Lead Capture Campaigns allow you to continue tracking after the Opt-In from your Thank you Page and Beyond. CPV Lab gives you the option to send Subscribers directly to an Offer or to a Landing Page...Tracking conversions every step of the way.

Multiple Options

Run Review Style or Catalog Pages with Multiple Offers and more than one call to action on the page. Track all data for each Offer and Keyword, while split testing Multiple Landing Pages.

You can also rotate through multiple offers for each option.

Multiple Paths

CPV Lab allows you to setup multiple path within one campaign giving you the ability to run branded and themed landing pages to multiple offers and rotate through each path to determine the highest performing path. Also identify the Keywords and Landing Pages in each path generating the most revenue.

It's like running multiple campaigns in one campaign and is also great for testing Run of Network Traffic to Identify Potential Vertical Markets.

Email Follow-Up

You can Fully track your Email Follow-ups as well. Yes the actual emails you are sending out your list and you can Rotate landing Pages and Offers from Emails.

Easily Determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts. Assign the revenue generated Email Follow-Up Campaigns to the Campaign that generated the subscriber. CPV lab will then add any revenue generated to the campaign that built the subscriber list...So you can easily see the long term Profitability of your list building efforts.

Track From Anywhere ...
Not Just Keywords and Ads

Interlink Multiple Campaigns
to Create Advanced Funnels